User Accounts are now open to EVERYONE!

User Accounts are now open to EVERYONE!

Hey guys, we're excited to announce that our User Accounts are now open for everyone! 

We’ve had them available in beta for a bit now. Today, everyone can sign up for FREE.

Here is some of the awesome stuff you can do if you sign up:

  • Track your submitted posts
  • Mark your favorites
  • Follow your friends Post comments and replies.

Ready to sign up? Perfect: http://spartz.me/dia/3aN

The link above will take you to this site's sign-up page. However, it doesn't matter which site you sign up on, user accounts will work on ALL sites.

The only difference is that SBS will still be anonymous so you do not have to worry. If you submit a secret to SBS, it WILL NOT link to your name.

Let us know if you have questions! 


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